La Banque Outarde

Public limited company with a Board of Directors and a capital of fifteen billion two hundred million (15,200,000,000) CFA francs
Head Office
20, Boulevard de la République, Dakar – Sénégal, BP 11214
RCCM: No. SN DKR 2016-B-6228, registered on the list of WAMU banks under No. K0200G
Tel: +221 33 889 49 49 – Fax: +221 33 889 49 19
Email: – Website:

Personal data

La Banque Outarde is responsible for processing personal data and is committed to respecting users’ privacy. These data are used within the framework of the bank’s operations and are not shared in any way for commercial purposes. We also undertake to strictly respect the confidentiality of this information.

The personal data collected on the website via the forms are processed and intended only for support in decision-making on account openings, to prepare and/or supply our banking services and products, to manage loan applications or prospecting and promotion operations.

This customer information will be shared with certain service providers (cheque printers, card customizers, credit reporting agencies, etc.), who are also bound by an obligation of confidentiality when processing this data.

As such, in accordance with law No. 2008-12 of 25 January 2008, you can request that inaccurate, incomplete or outdated data be modified or deleted. With a legitimate reason, you may object at any time to the processing of your personal data, in the understanding that this opposition may make it impossible for the bank to provide the product or service purchased. To exercise these rights, simply contact us by e-mail at, or by post at the following address:

La Banque Outarde
ead Office
20, Boulevard de la République, Dakar – Sénégal, BP 11214

Your personal data remains strictly confidential and protected. We have very strict security measures and suitable operational procedures in place. Access to your personal data is restricted to bank employees who need it to provide you with our products and services.


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